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Jeremy Scott: 'I keep calm and carry on'

Jeremy Scott: 'I keep calm and carry on'

Jeremy Scott keeps things zen when it comes to his runways, much to the surprise of the late Isabella Blow.

The American designer has completely revamped Italian fashion house Moschino since joining as creative director in October 2013, with his SpongeBob SquarePants, Barbie and Looney Tunes collections bringing the fun back into fashion over the past few seasons. Despite his loud and brash designs, Jeremy admits it's always very calm backstage.

"It was (fashion journalist) Isabella Blow who pointed out to me, coming to meet me the day before my third show, when we were just getting to know each other, and she was like, 'It's so calm,' and I was like, 'That's because everything is done,'" Jeremy recalled to Britain's Grazia magazine. "I had no idea how different her experiences with other people had been, (designers) throwing things across the room, screaming b**ody murder. I've just never been that person, the stories still shock me."

Jeremy has become the darling of the fashion world over the past two years, making him the go-to designer for numerous celebrities. Despite his close friendship with the likes of Katy Perry and Rita Ora, Jeremy doesn't court the limelight.

"The least enjoyable part of my job is walking out of the show (on the runway and taking a bow) and having everyone pay attention to me," he confessed. "I'm an extroverted introvert."

He also shuns the party scene, despite what rumours may suggest. As well as his dedication to Moschino he's an exercise fanatic, which he notes doesn't blend too well with boozy nights on the town.

"I'm never partying," he laughed. "I'm quite the opposite, you know. I do my SoulCycle class in the morning and a party boy can't really do that.

"Last night, I had been working on colours and prints for my own collection 'cos I'm a tiny bit behind my deadline. Then I needed to unwind and watch my favourite show, Empire, as Taraji (P. Henson) always wears my clothes and I never want to miss it. My wild night would be two back-to-back films at the movies."

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