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Jeremy Scott: 'I get embarrassed by Moschino's high price point'

Jeremy Scott: 'I get embarrassed by Moschino's high price point'

Jeremy Scott is often "embarrassed" by how expensive Moschino pieces are, as he knows people don't want to spend three months' rent on fashion.

The creative director has helmed the quirky label since October 2013 and introduced a whole new pop-art element to the brand thanks to lines dedicated to Barbie and McDonald's. He has plenty of famous fans clamouring to get their hands on his unique designs, but Jeremy still thinks high street ventures are important.

"Collaborations bring creativity and quality to people at a price point they can afford," he told Britain's Time Out London magazine on why high street-designer partnerships are so popular. "People love fun fashion and want it to be more exciting - I mean, I had tennis shoes with wings sprouting out of them, poodles wearing sunglasses! They just don't want it to cost three months' rent. With Moschino sometimes I'm embarrassed that the prices are so high, so it's wonderful to be able to do things on a more mass level."

Jeremy has teamed up with buggy brand Cybex for a second time on a glamorous baby stroller, which feature his famous wing motif. The first offering was full of colour, but this new design is black and gold, while the wing detail is a sign of "endless possibilities".

He's currently one of the most style savvy stars on the planet, but Jeremy's taste in fashion was first formed as a youngster. "I've always loved clothes, although I didn't necessarily know about fashion per se," he added. "I was very particular about the style of the things I wore - the colour, the texture - and I had style rules about what I would and wouldn't do from when I was very young. I think it was a little surprising for my mom."

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