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Jeremy Scott: Come see the real me!

Jeremy Scott: Come see the real me!

Jeremy Scott's new documentary shows his raw and vulnerable side.

The American designer is often branded outlandish thanks to his bold creations for his eponymous label and Moschino. However, in Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer, fans can get an inside look at his true nature.

“I feel like it’s a really raw, vulnerable portrayal of me and my work and my life,” he told of the feature, which was shot in the weeks leading up to his first show at the helm of Moschino.

“I know that my image and my clothing and my output are very colourful and can be arresting and startling in some respects. That is the nature of my work, but I am a simple farm boy, and I am very calm by nature. I always try to speak from my heart and my truth and what is really right and genuine for me. I really always try to give what is a piece of me and very authentic.”

Since stepping into the creative director role at the fashion house in late 2013, Jeremy has given it a new lease of life. With pop culture inspired collections based on the likes of McDonald's, Barbie and Looney Tunes, the star aims to cater to those who dream big. Some of those happen to be A-listers, such as Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.

“It’s great that [Moschino] is selling wonderfully and it’s being worn by pop stars, but I love that it’s connecting on a visceral level with so many people, whether they’re able to purchase just a phone case or not," he explained. "Ultimately, that’s what my work is all about, to connect with people, to have a dialogue, inspire, and talk. [The Moschino autumn 15 collection] was doing that so readily from the moment the show finished. That’s where I ultimately find my happiness and my success with what I do.”

Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer will be showing in select theatres from September 18.

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