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Jennifer Hudson wears brightly coloured outfits when she is 'extremely happy'

Jennifer Hudson wears brightly coloured outfits when she is 'extremely happy'

Jennifer Hudson only wears bright colours when she is "extremely happy."

The 35-year-old singer songwriter has admitted she chooses her outfits based on her mood and "exudes" her energy through her bold ensembles, which she calls a "colour party", and has revealed when she adorns eye-popping garments it makes her want to "go out and celebrate".

Speaking about her style, the 'Spotlight' hitmaker said: "I dress based on how I feel, and when I put on a bright colour, it means I'm extremely happy. I call it a 'colour party!' It makes me want to go out and celebrate the day. I exude my energy through what I am wearing."

And the powerhouse has revealed she loves a "sleek and classic" style because it is "classy and chic".

She explained: "I like a look that is sleek and classic, like a little black dress, but when you throw a coat over it, you're like, 'Who is that?' It creates this presence, and it's so classy and chic. Next thing you know, you're red carpet ready!"

Jennifer - who won a Grammy Award for Best R&B album in 2009 for her debut LP 'Jennifer Hudson' - has described her style as "traditional" because she regularly wears a brooch to accessorise her outfits and channel the "Old Hollywood vibe".

Speaking about her style, she said: "I'm traditional, and brooches represent that Old Hollywood vibe that I love. My son actually got me into them when he picked one out for me in Niagara Falls. Now I wear them everywhere. I love going to boutiques and finding unique things people have never seen before. I like them to feel really personal."

Meanwhile the star has revealed she is able to "explore" and experiment with clothes more since she lost weight.

She told PEOPLE: "I've made a huge transition [with my weight]. Now I'm able to explore more. I've found that some shapes work for every size, like a high-waisted pencil skirt ... You can dress it up or down, which is how I vibe, because I have so many things to do in a day."