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Jennifer Hawkins finds yoga 'grounds' her

Jennifer Hawkins finds yoga 'grounds' her

Jennifer Hawkins finds that practicing yoga perks her up when she is having a "yucky" time.

The model and former Miss Universe reveals she hones her body with regular sessions of meditation and yoga.

“I do it before a big event or when you’re going through a hard time, like last year was a bit of a yucky year, and I really took it on board and it grounds you, I guess," the blonde beauty told Vogue Australia. "But I found I can meditate better with movement, so I just do it with yoga and stretching.”

The 32-year-old Australian, a long-time face of the Myer department stores, added that she also includes a combination of cardio and Pilates into her routine, and goes for a run on the beach whenever she can.

"I love hard sand so I can wear my joggers," she shared. "Other than that I do my own sit ups and arms. I love to do lots of arm work and resistance.”

The former Australia’s Next Top Model host added that she devotes time to her diet as well, though it's not all about vanity.

She revealed that she focuses on a gluten-free diet and because she has certain allergies to food, avoids eating tomato and nuts otherwise she needs to take antihistamines.

“I love the way it (gluten-free diet) makes me feel," she said. "Since I’ve avoided them, I don’t have flare-ups anymore.”

Jennifer also revealed that reading, phone calls to family and being with her husband of nearly three years, Jake Wall, also helps her to instantly "de-stress".

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