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Jennifer Hawkins: 'Brazilian swimwear flatters any figure'

Jennifer Hawkins: 'Brazilian swimwear flatters any figure'

Jennifer Hawkins is a big fan of Brazilian-style swimwear as she believes the cut flatters all figures.

The Australian model and entrepreneur knows a thing or two about good swimwear, having been crowned Miss Universe in 2004 and later founding her own swimsuit brand, Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins.

When it comes to looking good on the beach or by the pool, Jennifer prefers ‘80s-inspired bikinis with a “cheeky” Brazilian bottom, like those worn by the locals on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

“I think a Brazilian bottom looks so flattering, whether you're a size 8 or a size 16. I love it,” she told Elle Australia. “With swimwear, you have your core pieces that you always go back to, and then certain trends pop up, but essentially women want something that's flattering and durable.”

Jennifer likes to wear one pieces with laser cut details, cut outs or beautiful prints too.

The 32-year-old is also a brand ambassador for department store Myer, and accordingly, likes to keep an eye on the key trends and themes coming in. At the moment, Jennifer is wearing a lot of denim dresses and boyfriend jeans, as well as layering and oversized pieces.

“Things don't have to be tight to the body all the time. I love all the lace that's around too, this season it's thicker and more luxurious,” she shared.

When it comes to getting runway ready, the blonde beauty tries to look after herself by exercising every day, swimming in the ocean and avoiding processed foods. Though she does likes to use a little make-up each day to brighten up her complexion, and usually dusts Youngblood’s mineral foundation over her face and adds a little mascara on her lashes to open up her eyes.

“Then an illuminator, like the Jbronze (Shimmer Instant) Illuminiser, and a lip stain, or a pop colour like Nars' Lipstick in Heatwave,” she explained. “That's an 'on-holiday' look.”

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