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Jennifer Aniston has credited her father for her 'beautiful skin'

Jennifer Aniston has credited her father for her 'beautiful skin'

Jennifer Aniston has credited her father for her "beautiful skin".

The 47-year-old actress has revealed her 82-year-old father, John Aniston, and her grandmother and "genetics" are the secret behind her flawless complexion, although she has admitted her appearance was not always as blemish free as it is now.

Speaking to Glamour magazine about her skincare regime, the former 'Friends' star said: "Well, first and foremost I have my father to thank for that and my grandmother. They have beautiful skin so there's genetics at play but I've always been very mindful of taking care of my skin.

"I always wash it properly, drink lots and lots of water and I really believe that what you put inside your body reflects through your skin.

"I remember during teenage years and even in my twenties, I kind of thought I was invincible, as you do at that age, and could eat all the crap in the world but it affected my skin. I had a few more blemishes and sometimes an uneven tone, but now I take care of it. It changes as you get older and evolves and you need to progress your regime with time."

However, Jennifer - who is married to Justin Theroux - regrets not applying sun cream to protect her skin when she was younger.

Speaking about her beauty regrets, she explained: "I always think, 'Why didn't someone make me wear sunscreen?' Again, it comes back to being young and thinking I was invincible - I thought that dewy, tanned skin would just stay beautiful but you have to protect it. I understand it's not easy, it's hard to keep remembering and reapplying but it's so worth it."

And the blonde beauty - who was crowned PEOPLE's Most Beautiful Woman of the Year this year - also credits her good looks to "confidence".

Speaking previously, she said: "I'm pretty confident. It's just age and beauty. Beauty reflects confidence and keeps it going, you know? I guess you reach a point of peace with it all.

"My confidence has definitely built up [over the years]."