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Jenna Lyons: Work hard for results

Jenna Lyons: Work hard for results

Jenna Lyons advises people to "commit" themselves if they want to get ahead at work.

The creative director of J.Crew is very much an expert when it comes to running a business and has put her all into moving up the chain over the years. She is known as one of the strong females who have found success in world of fashion and insists it's all about staying true to your dreams.

"Think about what you want to do and what you love. Because you will never be successful if you spend too much time thinking about how you’re going to get ahead. It doesn’t work that way," she explained during a recent Q&A session following her Hearst Master Class.

"The way you get ahead is by doing something that you love and committing to yourself to do that, because then you’ll be happy, and you’ll work hard, and you’ll get noticed for that. If you’re trying to get somewhere because it’s important to you to get somewhere, those are often the people I don’t promote. People who are in my office asking for a raise, asking for a promotion, I’m not going to promote you first."

Jenna would be more likely to promote someone who stays long hours, surprises her and helps others.

The fashionista also spoke about her office style. Jenna is renowned for her androgynous aesthetic and while she doesn't recommend everyone dress in a similar way, she does recommend women take into account their workplace surroundings when choosing an outfit.

"I think it has everything to do with where you work and the industry you work in. I mean I know people who work in the banking industry and if anything, I think that women are more under a microscope [there] in some ways," she added. "As women have access to positions that they may not have had before, I think they’re much more analysed."

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