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Jenna Lyons: 'There's more to life than fashion'

Jenna Lyons: 'There's more to life than fashion'

Jenna Lyons is "scared" of people who live and breathe fashion.

The American star may be the creative director and president of brand J.Crew, but she doesn't overthink her career in the industry. So when she does interact with people whose livelihood revolves around their job, it can sometimes cause Jenna to question her own role.

"I believe in hiring people more talented and smarter than I am," she explained to Red magazine, explaining she believes collaborations are the key to increasing success. "I'm so scared when I ask people where they get their inspiration and they just talk about fashion. It's like, 'Oh my God. There's a whole world out there...'

"Don't get me wrong, there were times when I thought I should leave. But I think getting through those moments where you're like, 'this sucks', and learning from them, is actually the biggest opportunity we have to grow."

Jenna may not harvest all her time into fashion, but has ended up becoming a style icon in her own right. Her thick-rimmed glasses, dark brown tresses and androgynous aesthetic make her stand out in a crowd - something she still can't get her head around.

"I've been sort of shocked at the level of interest in my personal life," she mused. "I keep my sunglasses on. Too bad I'm six feet tall...

"There's nothing more flattering than somebody asking, 'Can I take a picture with you?' It's so nice. It also reminds you that you have a responsibility to put on some goddamned lipstick."

When Jenna isn't busy with work she spends time with her son, Beckett, whose father is her ex-husband Vincent Mazeau. The brunette beauty loves nothing more than having "mini-me" moments with the youngster when it comes to their outfits.

"Like the other day I had on flannel trousers, white Adidas Stan Smiths and a heather grey sweater... and I look at him and he's wearing flannel pants, white Stan Smiths and a grey sweater," she laughed. "He'll (usually) just wear what I put out for him, thank God, because he knows people will tell him he looks cute."

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