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Jeff K.Kim on the Victoria's Secret Angels off-duty style

Jeff K.Kim on the Victoria's Secret Angels off-duty style

Stylist Jeff K.Kim is the man responsible for ensuring the Victoria's Secret Angels are noticed for their style.

Once they're out of the rhinestone-encrusted wings and lacy bras, Angels Martha Hunt, Taylor Hill, and Elsa Hosk have become as well known for their glamorous red carpet and off-duty looks, as their bikini bodies. And it's Kim, who has worked celebrities such as singer Demi Lovato, who is credited with creating the fashionable vibe for the new class of Instagram-friendly Angels.

In an interview with, Kim reveals he takes their individual style as the starting point for experimentation.

"Each of them has their own distinctive style,” Kim said. "Elsa’s definitely a ’70s baby, I always joke that she was born in the wrong era. Taylor is younger and very modern.

"She doesn’t want to look like a young girl anymore; she wants to look sophisticated and sexy but also not too 'in your face.' I think that’s her vibe. Martha is a bit earthier and a little more of a hippie so she has a relaxed vibe," he smiled.

The stylist works one-on-one with the models to create their looks, which usually feature a piece that VS is promoting. But Kim goes for a seamless approach that doesn't scream product placement.

"When we were promoting the bralette collection with Taylor, it was all about showing off the bralette and the ways that it can be put together with other pieces of clothing - how that could be chic without seeming like someone is just showing you their lingerie.

"As a stylist, that’s fun because you’re essentially given a challenge. It’s like, 'Okay, let’s figure out the best way to make this a part of the look that is seamless, that doesn’t look like product placement, but instead makes the outfit look chic and fits each girl,'" he shared.

The upside being for fans of the looks, is that they can purchase what their favourite Angel is wearing, and copy the styling.

Kim, who was named one of Hollywood's most powerful stylists by magazine The Hollywood Reporter, styled Creed star Michael B. Jordan during an event heavy awards season.

Now he's looking forward to the upcoming Met Gala with six different clients to dress. But Kim is unfazed by the busy week ahead of him.

"The one thing as a stylist that I always try to keep in mind, especially when I’m doing clients for red carpets and personal appearances, is they need to look like themselves. That’s also going to drive them to be the most confident on the carpet and really show what I put together for them," he said.

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