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Jeanne Damas: 'French women don't rock berets!'

Jeanne Damas: 'French women don't rock berets!'

French model Jeanne Damas and a team of stylists had so little knowledge of wearing berets they had to Google how to don one.

Jeanne has hit out at suggestions everyone in her country is obsessed with berets - with the flat headwear viewed as quintessentially French by people around the globe. In fact, during a recent shoot not a single person knew how to place one on her head.

"I do not know anyone who wears a beret," she laughed to "The other day on a special 'Parisian-style' shoot, there was an outfit with a beret, a trench, a marinière (striped) shirt, a cigarette, and a red lip, all of this photographed in front of Notre Dame (cathedrale) - 'hardly' cliché - and we realised that nobody knew how to place the beret on my head correctly. The French stylist had to look on the Internet to check how it is supposed to be worn!"

French women are often lauded as some of the most stylish in the world, which is why Jeanne was handing out some of her best kept fashion secrets. She advises wearing a pea coat in the cold, explaining it is a timeless piece which is worth investing in as it will never go out of style. She's also obsessed with sweaters, owning myriad versions in shades of blue, pale pink, beige and red, and loves donning a cashmere scarf when the weather is especially cold.

The star isn't always so impeccably dressed however. "To be honest, women do not wear snow boots in Paris, as it’s snowing no more than two days out of the year," she said. "But for skiing I have a pair of classic navy Moon Boots. And to be honest, I bought a pair of Ugg boots eight years ago in Australia. I wear them at home and very rarely - incognito - to get my baguettes. Don’t tell anybody!"

Rounding out Jeanne's suggestions are white jeans in winter, which she calls impossibly chic, and fur - but only when it's super cold.

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