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Jean Paul Gaultier perfume business rings in change

Jean Paul Gaultier perfume business rings in change

Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes have moved in-house at Puig.

The Spanish company is a major player in the fragrance market and works with the likes of Comme des Garçons, Prada, and Valentino. It's had a hand in Jean Paul Gaultier fashion over the last four years, but has kicked 2016 off by switching things up and moving the perfume business completely in house.

"Jean Paul Gaultier brings a brand that has a very strong personality derived from the founder, the man behind this name,” Marc Puig, chairman and chief executive officer of Puig, explained to WWD.

Previously the perfumes were licensed to Beauté Prestige International.

Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes are famous for their one-of-a-kind packaging, with bottles usually shaped like men's or women's torsos. This makes them instantly recognisable and has helped make them one of the market leaders, with the Le Male offering usually taking the top spot for men's scents in France.

The perfume move isn't completely left field as Puig has been involved in the fashion house's fragrance arm for a while. As part of its work with the fashion wing of the firm it has come up with scent projects too. To ring in the change, it's been decided that the women's Classique scent and men's Le Male will be the brand's main collections.

"They still command the biggest shares of (Gaultier's) sales,” Marc explained. “We will animate those brands in the first year in a way that we hope will excite consumers and retailers."

Fans of the fashion house will be delighted to hear the company is determined to maintain its sense of fun. The executive praised designer Gaultier for his love of "theatre" and the delight he takes in surprising people, and he insisted these facets will be utilised to ensure the perfume brand keeps its identity but still moves forward.

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