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Jean Paul Gaultier: 'My fashion shows are documentaries'

Jean Paul Gaultier: 'My fashion shows are documentaries'

Jean Paul Gaultier likens his fashion shows to documentaries highlighting the "reality of the day".

The French couture designer has been in the business for more than four decades, with his eponymous label a hit with celebrities including Marion Cotillard, Rihanna, and Nicole Kidman.

With film playing a big part in the inspiration behind his creations, Gaultier thrives at the opportunity to stage catwalk extravaganzas every year as it gives him the chance to draw upon his passion and reflect on the world around him.

"Always in my shows, I should say I make kind of a cinematography," he told Pret-a-Reporter. "I try to find a character of the time, of the period, not to take a professional model but maybe a new girl, a girl with character. So I chose them like that. My shows are like a little scene, more like a documentary, showing the reality of the day."

Famed for his statement pieces, Gaultier admits such bold items aren't as popular nowadays as labels are more interested in selling their garments than standing out.

As for how he found success with such offbeat clothing, the style expert puts it down to the fact that he's always made his own rules from the beginning.

"I started with nothing, so I didn't have somebody telling me, 'Do this, do that,'" he recalled. "I was free. I love to be free, which is why I make my shows how I want. And now you see there is a movement for men to wear skirts in the U.K.

"But I sold a lot of clothes, in the '80s and '90s, but doing it my way. I think there are other designers who earn a lot of money, but they are employees."

That's not to say Gaultier isn't grateful to have become such a popular name in the industry, as he describes his career longevity as "kind of a miracle".

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