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Jean Paul Gaultier: Fashion is exhausting

Jean Paul Gaultier: Fashion is exhausting

Jean Paul Gaultier finds the fast pace of fashion tiring.

The French designer has been in the business since the 70s, launching his first individual collection in 1976. Last year he announced he was closing his ready-to-wear lines to focus on haute couture and the 63-year-old admits it was time to take a step back.

"What's fashionable today is old news by tomorrow. I find that tiring," he told German magazine Lufthansa Exclusive.

The star is also sick of the way labels use the A-list to parade their pieces on the red carpet and drum up publicity.

"These days, companies sign deals with stars so they wear their designer's clothes. The money they put into adverts and celebrities - you can't even earn that amount through clothing alone!" he vented.

But there's one thing Jean can't get enough of: fashion shows. It's a dramatic experience for him and he always selects models with quirks, as he wants to put "different kinds of beauty" on display.

"You present clothes and the model is an actress," he compared fashion shows to film. "If there were no shows, I wouldn't have made any clothes. I love it."

Jean has no plans to retire but he does recognise that if he wants to keep going he needs to make a few lifestyle changes.

"In all honesty, it's great. I love change. And my grandparents have set a good example," he smiled when asked about ageing. "They were clever, full of life. They did gymnastics every day. Although that didn't influence me, as you can see - I am not at all sporty! I hate gyms. I've always been lucky in the sense that I'm naturally muscular. Now that I'm 63, my body is changing - fat in place of muscles. I should probably do something about it, but minimal amounts, please!"

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