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Jason Wu's fashionable first words

Jason Wu's fashionable first words

Jason Wu jokes that his first English words were "Stephanie Seymour" because he's always been so enamoured with the model.

The 32-year-old designer was born in Taiwan and moved to Canada when he was nine, which is when he learnt to speak English. He didn't know much about Western culture when his family first relocated, but even then he was very knowledgeable about models - and he had a firm favourite.

"Stephanie Seymour is someone I idolised when I was younger; I moved to Canada in 1993, to the West... It was the height of the supermodel period, and that’s when I got my Vogue magazines, and I was infatuated with fashion, and she was the one I was super-obsessed with," he told "And so the joke was always that my first English words were Stephanie Seymour. It’s not far from that, because I didn’t speak a word of English in ’93 and I was just obsessed with fashion."

This is what made it extra special that Stephanie was Jason's first campaign star. She appeared in the Spring/Summer 13 advertising, and was thrilled to be asked because she was already a fan of the designer's work - in fact, the model had been buying his clothes because she loved them so much. This also appealed to Jason, as he is adamant his campaigns have to be believable. That means he won't cast 16-year-old girls in them as he knows they aren't who his pieces appeal to.

"[Stephanie] knows a lot about fashion, and there is something about a woman who’s so confident and knows who she is; she knows how to move, she knows how to impress. She knows how to embrace her femininity, and I think that was something that I admired and was enamoured with," he explained. "Sometimes when you meet people you idolise, they don’t turn out the way you imagine they would be. Stephanie turned out to be even better. We’ve remained friends ever since."

Since that first shoot Jason has cast models including Karlie Kloss, Karen Elson, Christy Turlington Burns and most recently Malgosia Bela.

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