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Jasmine Tookes: I need a tight ass for VS show

Jasmine Tookes: I need a tight ass for VS show

Jasmine Tookes pushes herself to work out before the Victoria's Secret fashion show as she would be mortified if her ass "jiggled around" on the runway.

The annual extravaganza took place at the Lexington Armory in New York City on Tuesday night (10Nov15) and it marked the first time Jasmine strutted her stuff as one of the lingerie company's fully fledged Angels. The models are renowned for putting in a lot of effort to look their best for the event, with daily workouts and a dedication to healthy food the norm, and Jasmine explained why the preparation is so important.

"What motivates me to work out and stuff is when I see photos of me from last year's show," she told "All that, it makes you want that body, to keep going... Whenever you see results it makes you want to keep going and work out harder.

"For the show, there are cameras everywhere: on the floor, next to you and above you, so they see everything. You really have to be nice and tight and toned. Your ass has to be tight so it's not jiggling around!"

Jasmine started working out seven days a week from 1 October (15), but it wasn't too big a strain on her, as she generally exercises a lot. As a regular with Victoria's Secret she finds herself showing off underwear year round, so it's easier if her body is constantly looking its best. Weight training is one of the key things which keeps her in shape, with squats and lunges also vital.

When it comes to the big day, there is usually just one thing running through Jasmine's mind.

"The number one thing I'm thinking is don't fall, first, and then after it's just really to enjoy the moment and take it all in," she said before the show took place. "I feel pretty secure in my looks this year definitely. Last year, I forget, there was something… I think my underwear were like a little loose and I was nervous that they were going to slip off! But it was fine."

The Angels famously wear lavish wings as they walk the runway. Although they are usually big, the star insists they aren't that heavy and donning them actually helps the girls with their catwalk display.

"My wings are actually pretty good," she said. "They're not heavy at all. They're fairly light, and it gives you good posture because it's like a backpack - it holds you up."

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