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Jacquelyn Jablonski reveals her lucky charm

Jacquelyn Jablonski reveals her lucky charm

Jacquelyn Jablonski always keeps a gold ring from her grandmother with her during her travels.

The model first hit the runway in 2007, when she walked during New York Fashion Week for Brian Reyes' Spring/Summer 08 collection. Since then, she's worked for the likes of Pucci, Max Mara and H&M.

Her job means she's constantly jet-setting around the globe so she makes sure to keep some personal trinkets close to her during her journeys.

"It's a gold signet ring my grandmother gave me when I first started modelling. It was hers and it has her initials on it," she told when asked what her lucky charm is. "I have to have it when I travel."

Fellow fashion star Crystal Renn cites a ring given to her by model Abbey Lee as a travel must-have, as it represents the pair's friendship.

Jewellery appeared to be the most popular choice for lucky charms, as other models who joined in the discussion, including Cara Delevingne, named various other accessories.

"A bracelet my friend Rita gave to me to hold and think about when I'm away," Cara shared.

Meanwhile, Karlie Kloss revealed her sisters gave her a necklace with the letter K engraved on it for her birthday. It's a special piece, as it represents all the Ks in her life, referring to her siblings Kimberly, Kristine and Kariann and her dad Kurt.

But Candice Swanepoel shunned the jewellery trend and named her furry friend instead.

"My lucky charm has become my dog, Milo. Lately, I've been taking him everywhere," she laughed.

Liu Wen went in a different direction too. She puts luck down to having a good energy but when she doesn't feel happy, she tucks into some chocolate to make her feel better.

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