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Izabel Goulart feels focused after working out

Izabel Goulart feels focused after working out

Izabel Goulart feels more focused in life when she exercises.

The Brazilian model’s sleek figure has won her big jobs for the likes of Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and A/X Armani Exchange over the years. She’s constantly globetrotting in her line of work but never ditches her exercise regime while on the go as it plays a big impact on her wellbeing.

“Sport has been part of my life since (I was) very young,” she told “Growing up, I was always the tallest girl in the class, so volleyball and basketball came naturally to me.

“I have a personal goal to work out one hour daily, no matter how busy my schedule is. Exercise just brings me a lot of focus and dedication to my everyday life.”

Izabel, 31, is currently back in her home country to celebrate the 2016 Olympics in Rio, for which she is an ambassador. The fashionista has been wowing in a series of striking outfits while attending the sporting event, one-stand out ensemble being a white suit with a plunging blazer, wearing no top underneath.

But staying dedicated, Izabel is continuing to work out, keeping her fans up to date with her exercises by using the hashtag #BodyByIza on social media,

“Copacabana Beach in Rio is the best place to run and exercise in all of Brazil. Just the energy in Copacabana makes you want to move,” she smiled.

As part of her interview Izabel shared some of her favourite beach-moves, like the rotating side plank, which she cites as one of her “favourite” exercises. There’s also the twisted core plank, hands-free power burpee and the resistance-band glutes and thigh blaster.

“Working out with the bands makes you use your full body. They’re very strong, very resistant, so the whole time you have to stay focused,” she recommended.

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