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Isabel Marant inspired by her 'lighter' teen years

Isabel Marant inspired by her 'lighter' teen years

Isabel Marant's “joyful” teenage years inspired her Autumn/ Winter 16 collection.

With the world reeling from a number of terrorist attacks in recent times, the celebrated French designer explains that her latest collection led to her reflecting on a more joyful time, as she harked back to her youth.

Isabel, who launched her eponymous brand in 1994, says fashion played a big part in her teen years, which were not typically angst-ridden.

“An easy and joyful time when we were more playful with clothes,” she smiled to Britain's Elle magazine of her A/W 16 inspiration. “The terrorism attacks that have happened in the world recently – especially the Paris attacks – made me think back to my teenage years with fondness. They were lighter years.”

The collection paid homage to the '80s with a distinctly British edge, featuring oversized tweed coats and chequered jackets, paired with punky Camden Market style features, such as a giant safety pin, studded belts and band badges.

No surprise then that when casting models for the show, she had a certain iconic British musician in mind.

“The casting brief for the models this season was… Girls with lots of character. The look was quite David Bowie, but in a feminine way,” she shared.

For the designer - who admits she doesn’t do social media or even check email - once the show is over, she likes to get as far away from the glitz and glamour as possible. She normally heads off to a completely unmodernised cabin in the woods which has no running water or electricity, with her husband Jerome (Dreyfuss the accessories designer) and her son Tal, 12.

“We have a well in the garden, a fireplace, and lots of candles. It’s a good life lesson to live on the bare minimum sometimes,” she smiled.

And style barely gets a look-in as Isabel admits, “In this cabin, I have one moisturiser, a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, a jumper and some books.”

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