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Isabel Marant: I have a uniform

Isabel Marant: I have a uniform

Isabel Marant pretty much wears the same thing every day.

The French designer helms her namesake label, which she launched in 1994. Despite creating some of the coolest clothes in fashion, Isabel herself keeps her own look simple.

"I always wear the same thing because during the day I change ten or 15 times, trying on clothes for my collections. I have a fit model, but I like to try the clothes on first," she told Harper's Bazaar Australia.

"I have flat shoes, a tight pair of jeans, a cashmere sweater and a jacket. I carry a leather-and-suede bag from the old collection, with red lipstick inside – always Chanel – L'Oréal Million Lashes mascara and samples of face cream and Chanel No. 19."

For the Harper's feature, Isabel gave a rundown of her day-to-day life. Revealing she likes to start her morning with a swim, the designer prefers to wash her hair at the pool rather than at home. She also doesn't overly like her hair, but is worried that if she visits the hairdresser and has her grey hairs covered, she'll no longer feel like herself.

She starts her day at the office at 8.45am, with a cup of black coffee and then focuses on designs and fittings.

"[After lunch] my design team comes back, and we start again with fittings or prints. I always wear tight jeans or leather leggings because I’m on my knees pinning things a lot, so I’m not going to wear a nice dress. I wear very normal, comfortable things. And I drink water, a lot of Perrier, I must say. In the afternoon, after my fourth coffee, I’m very into it. I roll my own cigarettes to try to smoke less, but I still smoke a lot," she confessed.

One of Isabel's tricks to get to sleep is to eat late so it makes her sleepy and she generally has a great night's rest, unless she's stressed with her collection.

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