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Isabel Marant: I don't bother with bras

Isabel Marant: I don't bother with bras

Isabel Marant loves tank tops but doesn't bother with bras.

The French fashion designer has discussed ten things she finds beautiful in the latest edition of Allure magazine. Among them were, obviously, several items of clothes, including vests made by Hanro.

"I don't wear a bra - I don't have a big breast - so I always put a tank top under anything I wear," she explained to the publication.

Also making the cut is a pleated skirt designed by Isabel, which is short and in a red and burnt orange pattern. It's the print the designer particularly loves, and that it looks so good when worn with another of her favourites - sandals.

"I like the nude effect that sandals give your legs. At the same time, these have leather bands that are quite thick - feminine but tough," she explained.

It's not just clothes which Isabel finds beautiful though. She also nominated Aesop's Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser because the smell helps her wake up in the morning, and she's also a fan of headphones by Bose. Isabel listens to rock music by the likes of The Kills when she's creating, so these are the perfect accompaniment.

Also making the grade is a welding workshop, although the star hasn't quite got there with on yet.

"I'm planning to build one in my next flat. I used to weld when I was young, making furniture," she explained.

She may be happy to chat about the things she loves, but it's not always so rosy for Isabel. In the past she's fumed about labels she believes copy her - it was the star who first came up with the wedge sneakers which are now so ubiquitous.

"Sometimes I get really p**sed off against certain labels that I feel just live on my back,” she told New York Magazine last year, “but that’s life, and I want to have a more philosophical approach to clothes than spending time on who has copied what.”

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