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Iris Apfel: The wackier the glasses, the better!

Iris Apfel: The wackier the glasses, the better!

Iris Apfel used to wear glasses even when she didn't need them.

The 93-year-old fashion icon is renowned for wearing bold frames, usually huge circular versions which are thick and black. Spectacles have always been an important part of her look, with Iris laughing about her first experiments with them.

"Ever since I was a little kid, I was a flea market freak and every time I saw an odd-ball frame, I bought them. Sometimes, even if I didn’t need to wear lenses, I’d put the frames on because I liked how they looked," she giggled to People. "And when the day came when I had to wear glasses, I said, if you have to wear glasses, you might as well wear glasses! People would say to me, ‘Why are they so large?’ and I would say because they are better to see you. And that would shut them up."

Iris has done a lot in the industry over the years, including modelling for Kate Spade and creating an accessories line for HSN. She's also the subject of a new documentary called Iris, which is all about her life. It was made by Albert Maysles and initially Iris didn't want to be involved as she didn't think anyone would be interested in her life, but her friends convinced her to give it a go and she's delighted that she did.

One of the things that marks Iris out from others in the industry is her unique look. She's proud of it because it's all her own.

"Years ago I was influenced by my mother who was extremely chic and by Pauline de Rothschild and Millicent Rogers. Nobody is original anymore. Nobody has any original style," she explained.

The star also embraces the ageing process and when asked for one word to describe Botox, she simply said: "Yuk."

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