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Iris Apfel on her collaboration connection

Iris Apfel on her collaboration connection

Iris Apfel only works with brands she feels she "belongs to".

The 94-year-old fashionista is still considered one of the most stylish women in the world despite her years and she's still busy working on various ventures. Her most recent is WiseWear's line of luxury smart jewellery, the Socialite collection, for which she's the face of its campaign.

Other labels that she's teamed up with include Kate Spade and Alexis Bitter, and all resonate with Iris in some way.

"Oh, I choose them carefully," she told Fashionista on how she picks her projects. "I choose things that mean something to me that I feel like I belong to and get involved with. I'm very interested in this one particularly because it encompasses many things that I like."

The trinkets are smart in the sense that they look out for the wearer, especially when it comes to their health. For example, a bracelet as a distress messaging function which allows wearers to discreetly contact and geo-tag locations to a select list of contracts through just three taps.

"I dehydrate," she explained. "I always forget to drink enough water. So I really empathise with the fact that, you know, maybe I will get lightheaded one day and fall down. I think that's very, very important. I know a lot of people who have been seriously hurt or who have met their maker as a result."

Iris continued to note that the WiseWear pieces are both beautiful and useful, and beneficial for all ages. However she insists she didn't come up with the distress messaging function as she's the "most un-technological person in the world".

"Actually, in that area I live in the 17th century," she quipped.

Iris is so out of touch with today's gadgets that she was left baffled by the question: 'Who is your favourite Instagirl?', admitting she doesn't use the photo-sharing app Instagram at all.

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