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Iris Apfel is set to launch her own emoji line

Iris Apfel is set to launch her own emoji line

Iris Apfel is set to launch her own emoji line.

The 94-year-old creative mastermind - who has boasted a successful career as an interior fashion designer for over six decades, since she launched her textiles company in 1950 - has revealed her upcoming specialised keyboard, which will feature the icon's face and her signature oversized spectacles, will launch this September to coincide with Fashion Week, although she didn't know what an emoticon was.

Speaking to, the mogul - who is recognised for her eccentric style - said: "Everyone [who interviews me] asks about the emojis; and I didn't even know what an emoji was.

"For me it's rather silly, but it's generational, so if it makes the kids happy.

"It's not the most awful thing."

And the New York-born entrepreneur is set to release a clothing range for the American department store Macy's called Iris Meets INC at the same time she will release her emoji's.

Speaking about her collaboration with the retail store, which was led by former HSN Fashion Director Lauren Wilner - who is currently the Vice President of the store - Iris said: "I didn't like the jewellery [they'd designed] at all and I made suggestions.

"I was much more involved in the design of the jewellery than with anything else."

And Iris is an advocate of "more is more" and advises women to layer on their accessories and adorn as much bling as possible.

Speaking about her style tips, she said: "[I wear] as many as I can possibly get on. More is more and less is a bore, remember that."

Meanwhile, Iris has admitted she never intended to be at the helm of the fashion industry and doesn't ever plan to collaborate with anyone because opportunities simply "present themselves" to her instead.

She explained: "I never even had a simple business plan, things just happen.

"And I never thought I'd be in fashion; it was not my life's work, but I fell into it and I love it."