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Iris Apfel: I could drown in my jewellery

Iris Apfel: I could drown in my jewellery

Iris Apfel could be "an octopus with ten heads" and still not be able to wear all her jewellery.

The 93-year-old star's love of oversized accessories and bright prints has helped her become a fashion icon, with a new film called Iris charting her life.

Although the star is adamant she isn't ruled by style, there are some things she will always have a soft spot for.

"I have a very odd collection: it goes from the sublime to the ridiculous," she told Vanity Fair of her jewellery. "I have some very important, valuable things, and I have some junk, and I like to mix them all together. I’m constantly buying jewellery - I love it, I love it, I love it! I mean, I could be an octopus and have ten heads and I couldn’t wear it all."

Not all areas of fashion are as exciting to Iris though. She's previously spoken about how tired she is of seeing the same old thing on the red carpet, and they are comments she stands by. Apart from anything, the star worries about the impact it has on others.

"It’s one look, and everybody looks the same. In a way, it’s rather sad, because there will be this nice little woman in Squeedunk who sees Angelina Jolie in a dress, who of course looks ravishing, and she’ll buy the dress and it will look pitiful," she sighed. "I think the worst faux pas in fashion is to look in a mirror and see somebody else - which so many people do."

She may love clothes, but Iris doesn't let them rule her life. Unless she is going to an event, her style is pretty relaxed; she'll usually be found padding around in a robe when she's at home. She's also not opposed to wearing the same outfit twice, and she can't understand why anyone would be.

"How can you wear one thing and never wear it again? Even my wedding dress - I had a dress made that I could wear again. I’m a child of the depression, so I’m very, very practical," she said.

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