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Iris Apfel: How to be fashionable

Iris Apfel: How to be fashionable

Iris Apfel advises fashion fans to know themselves.

The 93-year-old style icon is known for her unique fashion sense, which led to late director Albert Maysles making a film about her.

Dishing out her own style advice, Iris says picking an outfit depends completely on the individual.

"First of all it’s work. You have to know who you are. You have to know yourself. You have to know what you can pull off, what you feel comfortable with, what you can afford; all of that and work accordingly,” she told Vogue Australia.

“Look at a lot of magazines, shops, other people, hone your eye and decide what you like.”

Known for her oversized round glasses, love of colour and large costume jewellery, Iris has cultivated her own look.

She's previously credited her mother for passing on such stylish genes, and doesn't care what others make of her wardrobe choices. This is another piece of crucial advice she shares.

"Some people don’t like to stand out, or feel upset if people stare at them, or [if] people do not approve. If you’re worried about everybody’s approval then you’re never going to get very far," she outlined.

“I studied myself and the world around me. And I guess it paid off.”

Iris also suggests dressing for your shape. Not all clothes can suit you and the fashionista advises forgetting the garments that don't do you any favours, rather than try to pull them off.

“I think being happy is much more important. I mean, if you’re plump and you like willowy-looking clothes then… starving yourself is not pleasant. Just forget about those clothes. Clothes are not the most important thing in the world," she said.

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