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Iris Apfel: 'Hard work is my medicine'

Iris Apfel: 'Hard work is my medicine'

Iris Apfel believes hard work is what keeps her going.

The 95-year-old has found herself in demand as both a model and designer in recent years, working with everyone from Elizabeth Arden to Kate Spade on various campaigns.

When it comes to her busy career, the fashion diva says she finds her projects motivating and has no plans to slow down any time soon.

"I just I love what I do. I work very hard. I think hard work is my medicine, my salvation," she told CNBC. "I advise everybody to love what they do and work hard at it.”

Apfel has just launched a line in partnership with Macy's brand INC International Concepts, called Iris Meets INC. The 40-piece capsule collection features signature elements of the star’s style, including bold prints and oversized jewellery.

And Apfel will continue building her impressive retail empire, and she urges others to follow her lead.

"There's always a way," she shared. "There is always a way for anything. Period. If you want something badly enough and you work hard at it, you achieve it. I absolutely guarantee it."

But when it comes to business, there’s one thing Apfel won’t stand for- a sense of entitlement.

The fashion star, who previously operated a successful textiles business with her late husband Carl, admits she has no time for people who don't want to put the work in.

"The young people today don't want to apprentice; they don't want to start at the bottom; they don't want to learn anything. They just all want the red carpet and the corner office," she explained. "I find it appalling. They think they are a generation of button pressers. They think a device is their life blood. All they do is press a button and get an answer."

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