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Irina Liss embraces individual style

Irina Liss embraces individual style

Irina Liss doesn't like to feel like other models.

The Russian beauty has worked with some big names, including Prada and Alexander Wang. The modelling world is a competitive place, but Irina does her best to stand out from the pack. At one of Wang's last Fashion Week shows she was photographed backstage in a stunning blue strapless gown while her peers stuck to the tried-and-tested formula of jeans and vest tops. Many thought her ensemble was part of the show but it wasn't, and instead highlights how much effort Irina puts into her off-duty wardrobe.

"I didn’t want to feel like other models, you know?" she told Into The Gloss. “Everybody was asking me, ‘Oh Irina, is that your dress for the show?’ and I was like, ‘No, it’s just my own.’ It’s one of my favourite dresses, but it’s really big, and I can’t carry it around with me everywhere."

While she likes to play dress up, she also embraces androgynous attire when she can. In an interview with Italian Vogue last year, she opened up a little more about her personal style.

"I like to dress sporty mixed with menswear. I like simple and comfortable clothes," she said. "I love sports and am a competitive volleyball player, so my fashion sense is influenced by that."

Irina is still pinching herself that she is involved with the fashion industry.

"I've had the opportunity to meet so many amazing designers," she added. "A memory that I'll never forget is starting this season in Milan with Prada. I was so excited! It was such an honour working for Mrs. Prada."

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