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Iman's unique beauty brand

Iman's unique beauty brand

Iman wanted her new beauty venture to be "unique".

The Somali-American star is not only a model but a successful businesswoman, launching a cosmetics range in 1994 and later designing a clothing range called Global Chic for the Home Shopping Network.

With her expertise in the make-up world, Iman has now teamed up with Jay Manuel Beauty. Jay is best known for his work on the Next Top Model franchise and has been friends with the model for many years.

"For me, it was the point of difference - not between Iman Cosmetics and Jay Manuel Beauty, but the point of difference between Jay Manuel Beauty and what’s in the marketplace. To bring something to market, I needed it to have a unique story, a unique brand and a unique personality behind it," Iman explained to WWD about her inspiration. "Jay is his brand and his brand is his currency. I don’t speak for him. I am not hand-holding him. I wanted to be able to facilitate it, but it had to be about the product."

Jay praised the fashion star and how much he has learnt from her over time. Once the right technology was in place to create affordable items for a mass audience the beauty expert immediately turned to Iman for her help.

Iman admits she wasn't involved at all with the product development, leaving it all to Jay. He took great care in catering to the consumer's needs while creating his offerings.

"I think a lot of the larger brands are still trying to market to their own objectives and fill what they think the white space is," he said. "Whereas, a lot of the differences that I have put into my products are born directly from the questions and concerns that women have given me, either by stopping me in the street or in an airport or if I’m shopping or even online, especially through social media."

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