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Iggy Azalea bored of locks

Iggy Azalea bored of locks

Iggy Azalea went for a pink dip dye because she was getting tired of her hair.

The Australian rapper unveiled the new style at last night's Billboard Music Awards, showing it off even more when she went up to collect her Top Rap Song, Top Streaming Artist and Top Rap Artist awards.

Her blonde shoulder length hair was worn tousled, with bright pink ends adding a touch of fun to the look.

"Iggy decided she wanted a change - she was getting tired of her hair so she decided to do the pink, which I thought was fun," Iggy's hairstylist Ursula Stephen told The Hollywood Reporter.

The beachy waves came about as Iggy has been wearing her hair straight lately, so wanted to mix it up.

To create the style Iggy's locks were washed and then Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray was applied to her wet tresses.

Hair was blow-dried, but not with a round brush as Ursula wanted to keep Iggy's natural waves.

"[Next,] section by section, I sprayed Motions Light Working Spray and then used a flat iron to create the waves, which is very tricky because you have to physically push the wave into the hair, ripple by ripple," she said.

Lastly the waves were pulled out with Ursula's fingers, and used a teasing comb to create lift at the roots.

"It’s perfect for her hair type," she smiled.

Later in the evening Iggy wore a sleeker, straight do to perform her new track Pretty Girls with Britney Spears.

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