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Hunter won't hop on any bandwagons

Hunter won't hop on any bandwagons

Alasdhair Willis has no intentions of hopping on the latest trend with Hunter.

The fashion star is the creative director of the famous Wellington boots brand and showcased his latest range of footwear during London Fashion Week earlier this year.

Hunter is slowly but surely expanding across the globe, with the shoes doing well over in the US. That's not to say Alasdhair feels under pressure to change his approach to design though.

"We're not a fashion brand in the traditional sense. The people who love and wear Hunter come from many different walks of life, and always have. I am very keen to maintain that," he told

"We're not concerned with hopping on the latest trend. We have a strong personality. We know who the customer is, and we design around their world."

With such an interest in art and style, it's no wonder Alasdhair was drawn to his wife, fellow fashion icon Stella McCartney. The couple married in 2003 after meeting at a business breakfast and have four children together, two girls and two boys.

They have several homes to escape to, from a country estate in Worcester, England, to a holiday home in Scotland, where they wed.

"We try to keep our family time safe and protected. It's not always easy, especially during particularly busy times or when we both have shows coming up. But we do our best. It's a juggling act," Alasdhair said.

He added that they are extremely supportive of one another and give each other advice. Alasdhair is also pleased to see his kids are taking an interest in fashion, with their youngest son Beckett often playing around with clothes.

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