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Hudson Kroenig's mini modelling career

Hudson Kroenig's mini modelling career

Child model Hudson Kroenig doesn't think his father Brad is "cool enough" to strut the catwalk with these days.

The seven-year-old godson of Karl Lagerfeld shot into the limelight when he walked for Chanel when he was just two. He came down the catwalk clutching his male model dad Brad's hand, wearing a miniature three-button suit.

Hudson has since strutted many runways for Karl, but Brad fears he is bored of being seen with him these days.

"Hudson doesn’t want to walk down the runway with me anymore, though. I guess I’m not cool enough," he laughed to Vanity Fair.

The little boy's mother Nicole was initially terrified about seeing her son on stage as she feared it would be too much for him. Luckily he took to it quickly though, and now he always looks forward to the next modelling gig. In fact, when he gets home from one he immediately asks when he'll be jetting off again.

"When he was younger he’d say, ‘Twenty more nighty-nights, 19 more nighty-nights, 18 more nighty-nights,'" Nicole giggled.

Karl realised Hudson had something about him when he was little, and aged three or four the little boy began to pose for the camera. The designer believes he has something special and will go on to be one of the biggest male models in the world, but what he especially loves is how much fun the tot has while working.

And Hudson certainly does enjoy himself. He is happy to describe what he looks like, telling the publication: "My hair is blonde. My eyes are brown. My skin is a little beige-ish, a little gold-ish. I wear a size-1 shoe. I am 49 inches. I have big pecs, and I’m lean like Daddy.”

Even when he isn't walking the catwalk, Hudson's life is all about style. He has a little brother who he likes to get involved in the pursuit too, encouraging him to dress up so they can stage shows together when they are at home in New Jersey.

“I put on clothes from Chanel,” he explained. “And I dress up my brother, Jameson. I choose his clothes, and I do his hair. We change upstairs and then we come back downstairs for the show. Mom and Dad wait in the living room on the couch. We start out in the bathroom, walk around the living room, and go back upstairs, and I choose new outfits.”

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