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How to have a fashionable Christmas

How to have a fashionable Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, which probably means you've got your presents wrapped and your fridge stocked with festive treats. No matter what you're up to, it's difficult not to daydream about the kind of holiday the rich and famous will be having. We're imagining yachts, banquets prepared by chefs and nine-carat gold wrapping paper, surely? Here we take a look at how some of the biggest names in the business are really celebrating 25 December.

Kate Moss

The model might be as well known for her wild antics off the runway as she is for gracing it, but she's really got into the festive spirit for 2015. Kate created a Christmas sweater for charity Save the Children, teaming up with London designer Bella Freud on the project.

“Bella is an incredible designer, and a dear friend of mine, and it was great fun creating the exclusive festive jumper with her,” Kate told WWD of the project. “The fact that Save the Children’s work helps children around the world is amazing and, with the other models and designers, we’re proving that fashion really can save lives.”

Christopher Bailey

Burberry star Christopher had an extra special Yuletide project for 2015 - he created a bespoke Christmas tree for upmarket London, UK, hotel Claridge's.

"Christmas is one of my favourite times of year so I was delighted to be asked to design the Claridge's Christmas Tree - the iconic hotel celebrating a joyful time," he explained. "We wanted the tree to reflect the playfulness of the season with a little bit of the English weather thrown in. We also love the idea that the tree comes to life as guests pass by, bringing a wonderful touch of festive magic to their stay."

There are over 100 umbrellas dangling from the tree, with gold and silver finishes, to bring the theme to life.

Agyness Deyn

This British model goes all out at Christmas and previously admitted she misses the British turkey and trimmings tradition if she's abroad over the festive season.

"Sometimes I’ll be in New York or LA," she said. "They don’t really do the Christmas we have here. Last year I was like, ‘Where’s the turkey guys?!’ They have that for Thanksgiving but in my opinion you can’t have Christmas salmon! Obviously I miss the weather as well. It’s mad to have Christmas in the sunshine."

Rachel Roy

Fashion designed Rachel is all about glamour over the festive period. That means her outfits get a lot of attention, and there is one look she can't get enough of.

"For some it is a trend, for me it is a lifestyle," she said. "Pyjama inspired silk two-piece sets with a sparkle and a shimmer on the foot paired with a festive evening bag says glamour, glamour, glamour."

Naomi Campbell

While the model has been tight-lipped on her plans for 25 December this year (15), in 2014 she was happy to discuss what she was up to.

"I know the holidays can be a lonely time for certain people," she explained. "They feel pressure to be with someone. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations. You need to try not to be alone. Make your own joy. Not just for Christmas."

Molly Sims

Last year (14), the model spoke about her favourite thing about the festive season - how busy it always is. The mother-of-two finds the holiday "hectic" but thrives under that, admitting she always over-prepares food and drink in case unexpected guests rock up.

"I always have chips, salsa, guacamole and hummus," she said. "In the freezer I have mini quiches and a frozen gourmet pizza or two - and some cookie dough that I've made and frozen."

Tom Ford

The designer is renowned for his always-dapper appearance, so it'll come as something of a shock to hear Tom likes to let it all hang out when Christmas approaches.

"A T-shirt and a pair of tennis shorts on a beach in the Caribbean," he said of his favourite festive outfit. "As an American, I’m a turkey man. It nicely bookends the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays."

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