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How the Nicholas K designers stay sane

How the Nicholas K designers stay sane

Nicholas Kunz finds Bikram yoga keeps her calm and focused during a stressful week.

The designer runs label Nicholas K with her brother Christopher. As the siblings gear up to show their latest collection at New York Fashion Week, they revealed to how they keep relaxed and healthy during one of their busiest periods.

"I usually like to keep myself calm and focused through Bikram yoga. It definitely helps me relax and unwind," she told the outlet. "I try to eat healthy and juice. Like to keep it light and simple!"

Meanwhile her brother prefers to do more intense workouts to get his blood pumping. He favours a combination of strength and cardio but likes to make sure he has plenty of variety in his exercise regime.

"I try to mix this up with swimming and soccer once a week as well as hiking and rowing while fishing upstate on the weekends," Christopher explained, adding he likes to take his daughter to the pool when he can. "Staying fit in the city enables me to pursue a lot of intense active hobbies while travelling."

Being cooped up in their studio working on the collection means the duo like to get out and about as much as possible when they can. Nicholas and Christopher find reconnecting with nature helps them calm their minds and feel good about themselves.

"Anything outdoors. Backpacking, fly fishing, canyoneering, archery, diving... but I feel I'm always in the best shape after I come back from backpacking in the wilderness," Christopher said. "Embrace the outdoors. It guides you to mental, physical and spiritual health."

"I agree," Nicholas added. "Spending time outdoors and immersing yourself in nature is the most natural way to stay healthy."

Once they get New York Fashion Week out of the way, the siblings will go their separate ways for a much needed vacation, before starting on their next collection. While Christopher likes to go hiking, Nicholas has other ideas.

"I usually go to my haven upstate. But this year I'm also taking a trip to Panama," she smiled.

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