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Hilary Duff's shopping habits are worse now she's moved to New York

Hilary Duff's shopping habits are worse now she's moved to New York

Hilary Duff's shopping habits have become more intense since moving to New York.

The 29-year-old actress - who has recently moved from Los Angeles to the city - has admitted she "never" used to enjoy physical retail therapy and venturing into various boutiques and would rely on internet shopping, but those old habits have died hard and she now has to force herself not to step foot in a shop when she is ambling along the street.

Speaking to PEOPLE about her sprees, the blonde beauty said: "I used to be [a] strictly online [shopper] because I live in L.A. and shopping at a boutique is like the worst. I don't want to drive somewhere and then be there for like an hour or an hour and a half. It's just the worst. I rather it [be] online at night, get on, have it delivered to my house like Christmas. It's so much more exciting.

"But being a New Yorker, I feel like I spend so much more money.

"I was walking down the street this weekend and I walked by Intermix and I literally was like, don't look, don't look, don't look."

Despite her urges to dart into a shopping centre, the 'Younger' star has revealed she is "really bad" with laundry, and struggles to take care of her new purchases.

She explained: "I'm really bad at laundry actually.

"I mean, I make sure I don't put in anything that needs to go to the dry cleaners in there, but yeah, I kind of just put it all in at once. And then I end up ruining things. But when I'm looking at it I'm like that's not going to do anything to that and then I'm like, 'No! How did this happen?'

"[But] I can do dishes all day long. I could load a dishwasher but I just suck at laundry."