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Hermes acquires minority share in Pierre Hardy

Hermes acquires minority share in Pierre Hardy

Hermes has taken a minority stake in Pierre Hardy.

Hardy designs footwear for both his own label and also for Hermes, and has been working for the French fashion house since 1990. His own brand was set up nine years later, and in 2001, he added jewellery to his burgeoning work load, for both labels.

Now the Hermes Group is taking a small stake of Hardy’s eponymous brand.

“The agreement highlights Hermes’ ambition to contribute to the label’s global growth dynamic and confirms the close and prolific relationship that has developed over the years,” the luxury label said in a statement.

Hardy adds that the move was a “natural extension” of his partnership with Hermes.

"I'm very pleased, and very proud, of our alliance with Hermes, a house which champions the exceptional. It's the natural extension of 25 years of creative collaboration," he shared.

Hermes also owns British shoe brand John Lobb, proving the group is expanding its interest in the footwear market.

Axel Dumas, Hermes international chief executive, shared his joy at the business deal.

"I'm delighted with our partnership with Pierre Hardy, which shows how proud we are to support creative talent and incredible expertise as part of this unique tribe that strives for excellence,” Axel smiled.

In an interview with British Vogue last year (15), Hardy spoke about what has kept him working at Hermes for over two decades. He explained his design process was different for the two labels, but that he loves them both equally.

"Doing things for a long time, you have to like it at least, love it is better and adore it is the best," he laughed. "I love it, and the more I do it, the more I like it because I learn so much. It's never ending. It's like the mind - the deeper you go, the more you find."

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