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Henry Holland's Fashion Week nightmares

Henry Holland's Fashion Week nightmares

Henry Holland suffers from "stress dreams" during Fashion Week.

The New York leg kicked off last week, with London taking over with its Spring/Summer 16 collections from Friday September 18.

Henry's House of Holland label will show on Saturday the 19th and he's already fretting about it.

"Had the WORST fashion week stress dream last night. Still having cold sweats and ive been up for bl**dy hours! (sic)," he complained on Twitter.

There's more than just Fashion Week keeping him on his toes, as the designer's new TV show The Changing Room kicks off on Britain's Channel 4 tomorrow. The series sees changing cubicles in high-street stores like River Island and New Look rigged with cameras to give an insight into shoppers' behaviour when selecting clothes.

In the lead-up to the premiere, Henry has been taking to Twitter to share his top shopping tips.

"If you're in a high street store and you're not that good at it, look at the mannequins, the campaigns on the walls, try and get a feel for stuff around you, not just what's on the rack," he advised. "I think that when you see things put together, it can often help you."

He also demands complete honesty to yourself, saying it's stupid to buy things in a size smaller in the hope you'll slim into it. The fashion star thinks it's unnecessary to blindly follow every trend too.

"There's often a lot of trends available to you all the time; I think it's [important] not to get too caught up with particular ones," he said.

"Clothes are like your billboard to the outside world; they're telling everyone who you are, what you're about. Shoes even more so."

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