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Henry Holland: Mechanics are chic

Henry Holland: Mechanics are chic

Henry Holland doesn't see a problem with dressing like a car mechanic.

The British designer helms labels House of Holland and H! by Henry Holland, each boasting unique and quirky items of clothing perfect for partying.

One of this season's biggest trends is boiler suits and when asked how one can pull the ensemble off without looking like an engine expert, Henry insisted that should be the desired finish.

"Aren't we missing the point a little here? What's wrong with looking like a car mechanic?" he mused to British magazine InStyle. "I would just embrace the full 90s rave-pig inside you and go for a khaki-green boiler suit accessorised with some sassy spikes and a great bit of arm candy."

One person he thinks pulls off this appearance perfectly is Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie, who wore such an outfit to the Love magazine x Balmain Christmas party in December.

Henry also offered up some advice for those looking to wear suede items, who are worried of ruining the material. His motto is that if people remain obsessed with keeping their clothing pristine, others may think they are too "uptight" to have fun.

"Clothes are meant to be worn and enjoyed," he reasoned. "Suede more than most fabrics looks great when it's a bit lived in, and is surprisingly durable. Just avoid serious downpours or your entire body will end up whatever colour your jacket, skirt or dress is!"

He especially favours suede pieces that boast a fringe and thinks the tassels look best on bags and midi skirts.

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