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Henry Holland: Go full on Abba this autumn!

Henry Holland: Go full on Abba this autumn!

British designer Henry Holland thinks people should channel their inner Abba to nail one of this season’s big trends.

The 32-year-old enjoys dishing out style advice to his fans and with a new season upon them, Henry had some top tips. With culottes transitioning from summer to autumn, the style guru had some unusual advice on how to wear them in the fall.

“Wear them with either an ankle or knee boot for that full Abba Wins Eurovision silhouette!” he said in his column for Britain’s InStyle magazine. “But beware of height issues. I love culottes, so why not keep the obsession fed with a wool or denim pair? See my latest resort collection. (Shameless plug.) We love (the) Luna Culottes from Monki or opt for a super cosy wool-blend pair from Mango.”

In his column, Henry answers questions sent in by readers. When one female asked how she could wear the trend when she is 5ft 2in, Henry didn’t pull any punches in his reply.

“Sorry to say it, but not all trends can work for everyone,” he said. “There is a distinct chance that if you try this, you’ll look like one of the Waltons or the middle child who’s been forced to wear some outgrown hand-me-downs. My suggestion is this: just pick one or the other and stick with that. A cropped flare and a sandal might work or an ankle boot and a mini skirt.”

As for other autumnal looks, Henry advised his fans to add a hat or two to their wardrobes.

“There is nothing like a great chunky beanie,” he added. “Charlotte Simone has done a brilliant felt/beanie hybrid that looks absolutely amazing and also kills two birds with one stone.”

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