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Helena Christensen's passionate perfume

Helena Christensen's passionate perfume

Helena Christensen thinks people's hearts will flutter upon smelling her new "tender and poetic" perfume.

The 46-year-old model has teamed up with good friend Elizabeth Gaynes for a second time to create a fragrance. Like their debut collaboration, Dead of Night, new offering Melt My Heart is unisex and aims to evoke romance. Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel came up with the notes under the two women's direction, including a combination of real dark butter, ginger and nutmeg, with sage absolute as a base note.

“You first fall in love with the scent itself, it is so tender and poetic, so full of yearning romance," Helena smiled to WWD. "It makes your heart flutter. (It's about) surrendering to love and experiencing it fully.”

Christophe meanwhile describes the scent, which is set to launch exclusively at London department store Harrods on Sunday (25Oct15), as a "very mysterious potion". A two-week exclusive event will be held in its Perfumery Hall on the ground floor, and it will also be available online and at the shop's Salon de Parfums.

Elizabeth gave Christophe freedom with the formula, describing his reaction as similar to that of a "kid in a candy store". Although it hasn't even launched yet, Elizabeth confirmed that she and her team are already working on a third fragrance with Helena.

Melt My Heart will come in three forms: a bottle, a roll-on and a pendant, and is set to be unveiled to the world properly in early 2016 - most likely near Valentine's Day (14Feb16). It's received the seal of approval from head of beauty at Harrods, Mia Collins, who describes first perfume Dead of Night as an "exceptional fragrance".

Helena's enthusiasm this time round is just as strong as it was for Dead of Night. Speaking about the product earlier this year (15), she recalled her reaction to it. “It was potent, and at the same time, it had an after-scent that grows on you in a way that I’ve never (experienced)," Helena recalled.

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