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Helena Christensen: I loved bright-blue mascara

Helena Christensen: I loved bright-blue mascara

Helena Christensen used to wear bright-blue mascara.

The 46-year-old supermodel admits she experimented with her outfits and make-up as a young girl and never picked up a fashion magazine until she was in her late teens.

She shared: "My earliest memory of make-up was putting on bright-blue mascara and frosty pink lips at age 15 or so. I even got a perm to go with this awesome look. Despite my modelling career, I actually never read a fashion magazine till I was almost out of my teens. I was obsessed with interior decorating magazines.

"But I think I subconsciously dressed in a rather bizarre way that might be regarded as a trendy blogger look nowadays, such as men's long johns under vintage ball gowns with a little knitted sweater over the top. And, of course, pairs of Converse in different colours - sometimes one of each colour. I was very on point!"

And Helena opts for a more low-maintenance beauty regime now she is older.

She added to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I do feel a beauty regime can make a difference. I'll often apply face masks when I'm at home working or cleaning, and I notice how my skin feels firm and glows afterwards. I drink all sorts of juices I make myself, mixing cucumber, green and red pepper, aloe vera, parsley, mint, apple or pear.

"They make me feel refreshed and energised, and hopefully help to restore my skin from the inside. As for my hair, it's long and crazy so it needs a lot of conditioning."