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Helena Christensen: Fall in love with my fragrance!

Helena Christensen: Fall in love with my fragrance!

Helena Christensen advises her single friends to wear her new scent when they go out, as it’s such an aphrodisiac.

The supermodel is the creative director of Strangelove NYC and has come up with her first fragrance, Dead of Night. It’s different to the usual offerings because it’s a perfume oil and contains the unusual exotic oud, also known as agarwood. Helena calls it the “truffle of the perfume world” and says it’s simply irresistible to the opposite sex.

“The scent was almost like a primal scream happening in your head. Anyone who’s smelled pure oud can probably attest to this,” she told

“[I’ve had] a lot of cabdriver offers! You really get a lot of reactions to it. I don’t know if it’s because of the aphrodisiac element or whether the scent is just very special, which I obviously think it is. It took almost four years to create it, and there are so many different notes in it. It really was a long process to get it completely right… I always tell my girlfriends - my single girlfriends: ‘If you want to go out and have a nice evening, put it all over and see what happens!’”

Helena hadn’t come across anything like it when she was first offered oud to sniff. She immediately fell in love with it, but understands it won’t be for everyone. That’s why she has a very set idea of the people who will likely be brave enough to try out her perfume.

“It was potent, and at the same time, it had an after-scent that grows on you in a way that I’ve never [experienced]. I think it’s definitely for people who are adventurous and curious and want to try something different, and I feel that almost every personality reacts to it, but in a good way, which has been interesting… It’s probably the aphrodisiac [factor],” she said.

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