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Heidi Klum: Women's underwear tastes are varied

Heidi Klum: Women's underwear tastes are varied

Heidi Klum realises not all women want "lace and tassels and bows" on their lingerie.

The German supermodel has teamed up with Australian brand Bendon for a ranger of underwear called Heidi Klum Intimates. She took a lot of time to consider what she wanted to bring to the company, realising it was important to appeal to a wide range of women.

"I think comfort is the most important thing. You choose what kind of a girl you are - are you a flirty girl or are you just about comfort? Not every girl wants lace and tassels and bows," she told British magazine Hello! "Then there is the girl who wants super-sexy lingerie and garter belts and we've got that too. There is something for everyone."

The 41-year-old model has a flawless figure and is constantly asked about what she does to stay in shape. Heidi's thought about the right answer to give, explaining that for her it's all about food - but it's important to remember that everyone's different.

"I try to stay away from carbs and I don't drink alcohol because I don't really like it. I exercise a little bit. I love to run, but I don't kill myself doing it every day. For me it's more about food and what I eat," she said.

The star's fans always want to know what she does to look after herself, but Heidi can't always reply because she doesn't have a set routine. But on the other hand she believes it's positive for people to understand there is no magic way to look after yourself.

"They ask me that all the time and the truth is I don't have any tips. It's hard," she said. "I'm looking for tips myself. I'll drink hot water and lemon first thing in the morning for two days and then I forget to keep it up, I'm over it. I'm not obsessed with anything. The same with vitamin pills. It's just not me. I'd rather eat right than stuff 15 pills a day down."

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