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Heidi Klum reveals bikini body intimidation

Heidi Klum reveals bikini body intimidation

Heidi Klum still feels intimated wearing a bikini on the beach.

The 42-year-old German-born model is known for her incredible figure and has moved on from modelling to creating a line of lingerie. She is currently working on a swimwear range, but admits that when it comes to showing off her physique in public, she still gets stage fright on occasions.

"Wearing a bikini is always hard because you're in public, so it's always intimidating a little bit," Heidi said during an interview on British television show Lorraine on Thursday (17Mar16). "With lingerie it's different; it's something more for yourself. But being on the beach almost naked is a little intimidating - even for me too at times!"

During her modelling career, Heidi became famous through her work with Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret. However, she had a fair few rejections at the beginning of her attempts to make a name for herself.

Asked for her best advice to give to aspiring young models, Heidi replied: "Always stay true to yourself. At the end of the day you have to look in the mirror and be happy with yourself. There's always people who have opinions, when I started people said, 'You have to be thinner, you have to cut your hair off'.

"Especially when I started in 1992, the waif models were really in and I was quite curvy, and at the end of the day, I was like, 'I'm not going to do all of these things. Either people are going to like me the way I am or they don't.' And so I just stuck with that and it ultimately worked in the end!"

Heidi added she has learnt to have a thick skin after years of rejections, explaining: "You have to understand not to take it personally."

The mother of four is enjoying huge success in her secondary career as a designer, and admits there's nothing she enjoys more than creating items to showcase the female figure.

"I've been working for a year doing this now, it's called Heidi Klum Intimates, and I just started designing swimwear too which I'm launching in the summer," she said. "It's super exciting - I love to design. I try to really accommodate every woman with every shape and every age group. For me it's all about fit, fit is the most important thing, and then it's about a great print."

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