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Heidi Klum only works out in her attic

Heidi Klum only works out in her attic

Heidi Klum works out in her attic.

The 43-year-old supermodel - who landed her first modelling contract after winning the 'Model 92' contest in 1992 in Germany - has admitted she runs three times per week on a treadmill, although she finds running "boring" she tries to "challenge" herself by alternating the pace.

Speaking about her fitness regime, she said: "The attic is my workout area.

"I run three times a week on a Woodway treadmill. Jogging at a steady pace can get boring, so I like to adjust the speed and incline to challenge myself.

"In New York, I refer to run outdoors through the city. I'm based close to the West Side Highway and get really inspired by watching other people jogging. When you run at the same time every morning, you end up seeing the same people that all have their own quirky techniques."

However, the mother of four - who has daughters Helene, 12, Lou, six, and sons Johan, nine, and Henry, 10 - has revealed she exercises more now as a parent than she did before she gave birth to her brood because she relied on her fast metabolism to keep her slender.

She explained: "I probably exercise more now than pre-kids.

"I didn't really work out that much before. I've always had a very good metabolism so I eat a lot, but very healthily. Sometimes I just do silly exercises when I'm lying in bed watching TV, like using a Pilates resistance ring to tone up my legs."

And the blonde beauty - who launched her eponymous lingerie brand last year - has revealed she sips on a healthy smoothie every morning, so she doesn't have to take additional supplements.

She explained to InStyle magazine: "Supplements aren't really my thing. We have fresh smoothies each morning with every kind of fruit you can think of - pineapple, blueberries, kiwi, mango. It used to be more like a juice, but we switched to a Nutri Ninja blender, so now they're super thick with all the seeds and goodness."