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Heidi Klum: More boob less bra

Heidi Klum: More boob less bra

Heidi Klum describes her sexy new lingerie range as "more boob and less bra".

"It's taken a while to introduce my DNA into things. This new collection is more cheeky and a little sexier," she explains in an interview with British newspaper The Metro. "I think we dress the way we feel. Sometimes I want to look sexy and I'll wear a short mini skirt with high heels. My lingerie is kind of the same, more revealing. More boob, less bra," she laughed.

For the new collection Heidi, 42, has introduced new shapes, and decided to move away from the big push-up bra but at the same still give the Intimates customer the styles they love.

Heidi always models the range to stunning effect but admits, even she enjoys days when she's happy to be a little more dressed down, in her clothes and her lingerie.

"There are days you just want to wear a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. My lingerie will match, so maybe a super-comfortable T-shirt bra. It depends what mood I'm in," she smiled.

Lovers of the model's underwear will soon be able to add her swimming costumes to their wardrobe. The former Sports Illustrated cover model is launching her first swimwear line, Heidi Klum Swim, in June (16).

Having spent a career on the runway modelling clothes for world's top designers, she is clear on what is most important for her customers. "Fit is number one. You want something that makes your cleavage look better than it does without. Then I bedazzle them with great fabrics," she smiles.

"Then what is important is that you can mix and match the tops and bottoms. Because not everyone is the same size on top and bottom."

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