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Hedi Slimane defends use of YSL logo in Twitter rant

Hedi Slimane defends use of YSL logo in Twitter rant

Hedi Slimane has defended his use of the iconic Yves Saint Laurent logo in a Twitter rant.

The fashion designer worked as creative director for the Paris-based brand from 2012, until his departure in March this year (16).

On Thursday night (06Oct16), Slimane resurrected his Twitter account and sent 22 Tweets in fast succession addressing recent media reports claiming he attempted to do away with the "Y" in "YSL" altogether during his tenure at the couturier, which is owned by French fashion conglomerate Kering.

Last week (ends02Oct16), Slimane’s successor Anthony Vaccarello showed his debut collection for the company at Paris Fashion Week, which included shoes and bags emblazoned with the "YSL" logo.

"Fact checking / There have been inaccurate statements on recent articles regarding Hedi and the usage of the YSL historical logo," he posted on the micro-blogging website.

“For the record, the usage of the Cassandre logo was entirely part of Hedi’s reform project for the house from the early days of 2012 to 2016.”

Slimane, who writes all of the Tweets in the third person, goes on to point out several instances where the classic YSL logo was used in photography, architecture, accessory design, campaigns and fashion shows. Most of them begin with the phrase, "FOR THE RECORD."

“In conclusion, it is accurate to say that the YSL iconic initials were in fact celebrated and championed by Hedi,” his last post reads.

The outburst comes amid reports Slimane has launched a new lawsuit against his former employer. In June (16), it was reported a French commercial court had ordered Kering to pay Slimane $13 million (£10.4 million), in application of a non-compete clause following his exit.

According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), Slimane filed another lawsuit on Wednesday which claims Kering owes him an additional sum of roughly ten million euros (£8.9 million). The complaint asserts the sum the French Labor Court ordered Kering to pay Slimane did not take into account the designer’s ownership stake in YSL as detailed in his contract.

This dispute is scheduled to go before the Commercial Court in Paris on 19 October (16).

Kering has declined to comment on the matter.

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