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Hayley Williams launches Good Dye Young

Hayley Williams launches Good Dye Young

Hayley Williams has launched her own hair dye company.

The Paramore singer has created her brand, Good Dye Young, as a way to show her fans that altering the colour of your locks ins't just a beauty procedure, it's an "art."

Taking to her official Instagram account on Sunday (06.07.16), she wrote: "I've never started anything but a band... but a little over 4 years ago, I decided I'd try my hand at starting a hair dye company.

"I've made a lot of mistakes, learned a whole lot of cool business lingo... and realized through trial and error that dying your hair is an art AND a science. (sic)"

The 'Still Into You' hitmaker also joked that she'll be able to "dye happy" now she's set up her own beauty business - the first project she has done outside of fronting the American pop rock group.

She explainedd: "It was all worth it to finally be able to tell you that GOOD DYE YOUNG is here, it's severe, & it's happening! I can dye happy now! xx Hayley//GDY @lindseybyrnes (sic)"

The 27-year-old punk rocker - who recently married New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert - has been working on Good Dye Young for four years now, and previously teased that the colours will be "wild" - just like her own hair.

She previously shared: "The colours are wild and awesome. I really can't wait to paint everyone's hair in the whole world."