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Harmony Boucher: Fashion is changing

Harmony Boucher: Fashion is changing

Harmony Boucher gets fewer "weird stares" in the street these days.

The model's striking looks have landed her jobs with brands such as Gucci Resort, Tory Burch and Christopher Kane.

Her latest project is a Calvin Klein Jeans campaign, which has a sexting theme running throughout. Although she doesn't appreciate the description of her looks, she knows it helps her win acceptance in the industry.

“I hate the word androgynous, but it’s best way to describe it,” she told “And I like [the current state of things] because I get less weird stares on the street - because people are getting used to it. It’s always good when there is more awareness.”

Harmony's cropped hair is ever changing and in the black-and-white CK ad, where she's sprawled out alongside fellow fashion stars Grace Hartzel and Alessio Pizzi, it's slicked back with gel.

She grew up in Australia with a rockstar for a father, a ballerina for a mother and six sisters, but always saw herself in a different light.

“Growing up, I thought I was a boy for most of my life. I shaved my head when I was nine years old and I have worn boy clothes ever since I could remember,” she shrugged. “I wouldn’t say it was a conscious ‘I want to be androgynous’ thing, more that I’ve always dressed like a boy, so why would I want to change?”

It was when she moved to England aged nine that she really got a feel for her personal style and taste. While she still favours tomboy attire, the 28-year-old realises not all outfit choices flatter her figure.

“As I’m getting older, my body is changing and I’m starting to get these hips... Every now and then, I decide to be a girl and I go out in a miniskirt and high heels, though it’s not my natural thing," she smiled.

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