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Hari Nef: I want to bond with Caitlyn

Hari Nef: I want to bond with Caitlyn

Hari Nef would love to talk "girl things" with Caitlyn Jenner.

Both are ambassadors for the transgender community, with Hari becoming the first transgender model to be signed by IMG. Meanwhile Caitlyn received an overwhelming response when she appeared in a corset on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Hari would love the opportunity to meet with the reality TV star.

“I’m trying to get frozen yogurt with Caitlyn and just talk about girl stuff,” she smiled to, before speculating that Caitlyn would go for peach flavour.

The fashion star hopes that people will soon be able to leave labels behind and take each individual as they are. She sees being female and transgender as "options" and began her modelling career when she started transitioning.

Waiting until after her transition never felt like an option, as Hari's motivation was about more than just a job: "It is political," she explained.

The model wants to prove that gender can be ambiguous and subtle and that post transition, she doesn't have to be overtly feminine.

“There’s also confusion from cisgender folks. It’s like, ‘Girl, you should be doing everything you can to be femme. Why aren’t you? If you went a little harder for this, people really wouldn’t clock you! You could really get straight men!’" she revealed.

When Hari gets dolled up for shoots, she appreciates the look but says it doesn't feel authentic to who she is. Generally, she prefers to keep her beauty regime simple.

“You know, one of my trans girlfriends told me really early in my transition, ‘Girl, never wear lipstick on a first date. It freaks them out. You look like a tranny,’" she recalled.

"When I don’t wear make-up, it’s not because I’m lazy, but it’s me making this radical bid for the feminisation of my body and being confident in that. I don’t want to say that women who do use make-up or get breast implants or have fake nails are insecure. They’re entitled to that and they should do that if that’s what they want to do. But for me, there are no answers. It’s just a matter of preference and choice and fetish.”

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